Daddy's Eye by Fred Donald Brace

On the day you were born
All my dreams had come true.
I married the girl of my dreams
And God had blessed me with you.

My life seemed like magic
As together we were three
But even much more important
Together we were now a family.

Now you might think me silly,
But I was the happiest man in the world
Because of two beautiful women
And the way things unfurled.

You were my little princess 
And yet this was just a start.
But for now we only had each other.
But you truly had my heart.

Yes it's true you were an angel, 
And you didn't even have to try.
But more than just a daughter
The apple of Daddy's eye.

Sisters by Fred Donald Brace

As a young boy I wondered
what good are Sisters for
They’re not good at baseball,
or playing with army men on the floor.

In fact they played with dolls,
and things I couldn't understand,
and when I started playing Rock & Roll
I didn't want them in my band.

I knew my friends thought them pretty,
and I guess a little of that I could see,
but only when they helped out of trouble
were they of much use to me.

Time and tide has a way of changing things,
and I found myself crying on the floor
T'was my Sisters who helped me up,
and they've helped me so much more.

Now I feel sorry for the guy without a Sister,
as I am lucky enough to have two, 
and I thank God in Heaven above
That He blessed me with the both of you.

This Son by Fred Donald Brace

I could have bought you diamonds,
or candy's layered in gold.
Flowers to fill your senses,
or a beautiful card big and bold.

Jewelry to adorn you,
or perfumes to make you smell,
but I am just a son who love's you,
and a son who thinks your swell.

If I had all the money in the world,
and by now you know I don't.
I'd lavish you with riches,
but with no money you know I won't

If I could have just one wish,
and I swear this much is true.
I would not think of myself dear Mother
I would give the wish to you.

I may not have been the son
which was send from Heaven above,
but I promise you with all of my heart
you do have all of this son's love.

Answered Prayers by Fred Donald Brace

No matter how hard I try,
You are always on my mind.
No matter what I'm searching for,
It is you I always seem to find.

I try so hard to move on,
And there you are again.
I guess it's the amount of need I have,
Just to be with my best friend.

Honey, the pain of missing you,
Seems much more than I can bear.
It's not like when you were with me,
And with you all things I'd share.

Now I'm all alone,
Everything is up to me.
And now I realize how much I need you,
But I know that will never be.

I still hope my time passes quickly,
But there's still so much I must do.
And the day of my prayers are answered,
Is the one I'll be with you?

IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN by Fred Donald Brace

God took a walk thru the Garden
The flower He plucked was mine,
And I really wouldn't have minded,
But He left me behind.

Now the sun no longer shines on me,
And every day is rain,
And this flower is here all alone
Drowning in a river of pain.

So I lifed my hands up to him,
And cried out in Jesus name.
Was it something I did wrong?
Was I somehow to blame?

The rain is for you my precious one,
To allow your blooms to sew,
And on your day of dying
In Heaven your brilliance will show.

In time my most beautiful flower,
In my garden you will see.
The most beautiful flower I've ever plucked,
And next to you she will be...

Written by: Fred Donald Brace after our mother, Cheryl Kay Brace passed away

Getting to know Fred Brace

In many ways the simplest answer is really, he's my dad. As an adult woman, I know he's more complex than that. My dad is the closest thing to a rock star I've ever really known, I mean he grew up playing in bands with Robin Zander of Cheap Trick--how cool is that? I grew up with music rising up from our basement, as our basement was a common place for his bands to practice. The music of the 50/60's will always be a huge part of my childhood even though I grew up in the 80's.

My dad wasn't much for helping out with housework, but he always made sure my mom knew she was loved--we knew how strong that love was. He worked hard to provide for his family, often going without so we could have. When we were younger my dad was a volunteer fireman. I never really asked him much about this, nor have we ever really talked about why he did this...but I was so proud of this. He was/is my hero.

My dad loves looking up at the stars. I recall times where he'd wake me during the night and take me outside and we'd look up at the stars and he'd point out the planets. He loves to fish, watch movies, and being right. He has a larger than life personality. He loves little babies and they always seem taken with him.  He writes songs, poetry and takes beautiful scenic pictures.

Like I said he's my dad. Please help my brother Steve, sister Becki and I share and celebrate our dad.